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Accounting and budgeting services

Administrative and accounting assistance and consultancy

Accounting services

Drafting of annual and consolidated financial statements and attached documents

Servizi contabili

Tax consultancy

Preparation of declarative models

National planning 

Advice for hereditary, family and patrimonial problems

Cons fiscale

Corporate and contractual consultancy

Advice and assistance in corporate law matters (constitution, modification, dissolution)

Capital operations

Preparation of shareholders' agreements and management of relations between shareholders

Assistance in shareholders' meetings and boards of directors

Assistance in the liquidation of companies

Consultancy on the subject of Local Authorities and publicly owned companies

Cons societaria

Judicial area and insolvency procedures

Business analysis in the pre-crisis stages

Assumption of assignments in judicial liquidations and arrangements with creditors

Presentation of composition plans

Implementation of certified recovery plans and debt restructuring agreements

Negotiation of agreements with creditors for overcoming financial distress situations

Management of over-indebtedness crises and development of debt relief plans

Banking advice on usury and compound interest

Preparation of expert reports for judicial situation (CTU, evaluations)

Assumption of assignments as a Party Technical Consultant (CTP) in civil judicial disputes

Management of arbitrations

Overcoming disputes through the mediation procedure

Area giudiziaria

Extraordinary operations

Acquisitions of companies and business units

Rentals, sales of business units

Mergers, demergers, transformations, liquidations

Op. straordinarie

Legal control of accounts

Activities of statutory auditor and / or auditor of companies and entities for the periodic and annual review of financial statement data.

Due diligence for acquisitions, disposals and other extraordinary transactions

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